Terms of Engagement


  • Are you an individual, family, school, business or organisation who cares about wellbeing? 
  • Do you feel frustrated by waiting lists, package-only corporate deals, inaccessible services or dreary power point training? 
  • Have you paid out for consultancy, psychological support or training which wasn’t bespoke to your individual circumstances or unique setting? 
  • Would you like to work with someone from a team with over decade of experience working with people in difficult circumstances and those reluctant to use services? 
  • Would you prefer a friendly face of high quality specialist input, which has been mutually designed and not limited to clinic, issue, or constrained by a prescribed number of sessions? 

I created Reach Psychology Limited with a passion to make psychological thinking and support easy to understand and stigma-free for people and places that ordinarily wouldn’t use it. 

Reach DECISIONS (for assessments, opinions and clarification) 

Reach SUPPORT (for counselling, mentoring and supervision) 

Reach IDEAS (for writing, workshops, training, consultancy services and making your ideas happen – one of my latest roles was being the psychological consultant for a film) 

Knowing you’ve utilised someone who has built a business with you in mind, you’re going to feel great having turned your concern about wellbeing into action. 

About Reach

Reach Psychology Limited makes psychological thinking and support accessible, easy to understand and stigma-free for people and places that ordinarily wouldn’t use it. Individuals, families, schools, businesses and organisations seeking information, counselling, training, supervision or consultation commission us for tailor-made involvement at competitive rates. With over a decade of experience working with people in difficult circumstances and those reluctant to use services, we are the friendly face of high quality specialist psychological input, mutually designed and not limited to clinic, issue or constrained by a prescribed number of sessions. 

Reach comprises of director Ruth Hare, and hand-picked associates. We never use staff we don’t know. Our network includes other psychologists, counsellors, psychologists in training, consultant SENCo. We like to do things differently and will utilise other professionals we know were appropriate. We have had substantial working arrangements with The University of Wolverhampton and Middlesex University. 

All of our practitioners have experience of working in a range of settings and can offer a wealth of skill and expertise in applying psychological theory in order to deliver high quality assessments, training and intervention packages. 

People tend to talk to us about wanting help with: 

  • Barriers to learning, work or relationships which could include needs in the following areas: communication and interaction; social, emotional and mental health; physical and/ or sensory; cognition and learning. 
  • Difficulties and stressors within the family, such as bereavement, separation anxiety, crime, abuse, adoption/fostering, illness (emotional and physical), domestic violence. 
  • Mental health issues which people tend to describe as anxiety, depression and challenging behaviours. 
  • Cultural and identity issues, such as sexuality. 

Service charges 

The associated charges for our work will be shared with you as part of your bespoke package. Please note that all activity, whether direct or indirect incurs a charge, unless otherwise stated when contracting. Therefore, please allow time for report writing or liaising with other professionals when deciding. (for example, assessment work concerning a young person typically takes 6-8 hours including write-up time.) The proportion of time needed should be discussed with your lead practitioner. We acknowledge that the time for admin and support may vary depending on the focus we decide together and other practical variables. 

You may wish to purchase a one session ‘pay as you go’ consultation session to decide next steps. If we agree a role for us after that we typically recommend booking a block of our time – we are very flexible, don’t tie you into lots of terms and conditions and you can mix and match appointment type (eg face to face, telephone) and frequency. Beth, our associate finance officer assists in managing your payments but your diary can be managed directly with the person working with you. 

We ask that you give us as much notice as you can if you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment – we will do the same. 

Our practitioners are all required to engage in clinical and managerial supervision to explore and review their workload and any issues arising from it to ensure professional and ethical practice. Our practitioners follow the code of ethics from their relevant professional body (eg. British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council) 


When working in schools or organisations, we encourage a feedback system so that key adults can continue to support the young people we work with effectively. Information shared is discussed with the young person and typically they state what they wish to be known. We follow the safeguarding procedure of the setting in which we are working or commissioned. Where we are working with adults, all information disclosed is treated as confidential unless we agree it would be helpful for it to be passed on and you invite us to do so. 

The exceptions to this are where we judge there to be a risk of significant harm to yourself or others. We will endeavor to discuss any concerns with you but reserve the right to breach confidentiality without consultation should we deem the seriousness of risk require such action. For this reason, even when working online, we require basic details (address, contact etc) should we need to raise help for you in an emergency – medical or otherwise). 

Thank you 

Thank you for choosing Reach Psychology for support.