Payment Arrangements

We know that working with us is a financial investment as well as an emotional one. 

To keep things simple, we have the same hourly rate regardless of what task we are doing. If we are writing a letter or report, that will cost you the same as if we were working face to face for example. We are drawing upon our professional expertise in everything we do and this way, work averages out rather than having to charge you much more for our one-to-one work. You may have been quoted for a package of support too – that includes everything we need to do to complete what we’ve agreed with no hidden extras. 

We encourage clients to purchase 6 hours of our time in blocks to minimise the need for admin and confusion. Those 6 hours can be used weekly, fortnightly, monthly , condensed or spread out and can involve a variety of activities eg phone calls, visits etc. We will always be transparent with you about how your time has been used. 

If, after meeting us for the first time we’re not right for you, you simply pay for that session and no more. If you’d like to continue, we ask you to pay for that session plus 5 more hours. 

You’ll be invoiced via our online accounting system which will give you a link to a pdf invoice which has the bank details you’ll need to make a payment. Bank transfer is preferable to cheque. 

Beth, our finance guru may be a voice you hear or an email you receive if you’ve missed a payment. She’s also the person to contact if you’d rather set up a monthly standing order or need to query anything regarding money or hours. 

Thank you.